Laténezeitliche Gürtelkette aus Oberrohrbach (Foto: Norbert Weigl)
Laténezeitliche Gürtelkette aus Oberrohrbach (Foto: Norbert Weigl)

Prehistory, Protohistory, and Medieval Archeology

Collection Manager
Franz Pieler
Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, Department of Arts and Culture
MAMUZ Schloss Asparn
A-2151 Asparn/Zaya, Schlossgasse 1

Rudolf Klippl (collections care, transport and handling)
Melanie Neubauer (administration, library)
Josef Steiner (collections care)
Norbert Weigl (collections care, IT, photographic records)

Collection History
An archeological collection has been in development ever since the foundation of the Landesmuseum Niederösterreich in 1911, with archeological finds from private collections as its cornerstones. Gradually, the collection was expanded to include, first and foremost, the museum’s own archeological excavations and those supported by the Lower Austrian Provincial Administrative Office. 

The Collection/Main Emphasis
Comprising more than two million objects, the collection seeks to give an overview of the prehistory, protohistory, and medieval history of Lower Austria. The main focal points derive from the collection’s research tradition. Most notable for the prehistorical section are the paleolithic sites of Grubgraben near Kammern and Krems/Wachtberg, the Early-Neolithic settlement of Schletz, the Early-Bronze-Age cemetery of Unterhautzental, the Middle-Bronze-Age tumulus site of Pitten, the multiphase settlements of Michelstetten and Mitterretzbach, the excavations of the Bronze-Age mining area of Prigglitz or the La Tène villages of Haselbach.
Characteristic of the protohistorical collection is its coherence and that it covers the entire first century C.E. The medieval archeological collection currently consists of about 10,000 items.
An important element of the “Prehistory, Protohistory, and Medieval Archeology” collection is the documentation that accompanies the items in the form of planning documents, photos, and handwritten and digital records.
A comprehensive specialty library at MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya features special literature customized to the collection holdings.

The curatorial department “Prehistory, Protohistory, and Medieval Archeology” regularly publishes on its collection holdings as well as on current research and exhibition projects.

  • “Archäologische Forschungen in Niederösterreich” series (Archeological Studies in Lower Austria)
  • Catalogues accompanying the Day of Lower Austrian Archeology
  • Exhibition catalogues

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23.3. - 24.11.2019



BOWS: Archaeology. Reconstruction. Experiment
MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya
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