mischla, leni hoffmann, Landesberufsschule Waldegg, 2016 © leni hoffmann (Foto: M. Franke)
mischla, leni hoffmann, Landesberufsschule Waldegg 2016
© leni hoffmann (Foto: M. Franke)

Department of
Art in Public Space

Collection Manager
Katrina Petter
Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, Department of Arts and Culture
A-3109 St. Pölten, Landhausplatz 1

Martina Bochusch
Juliane Feldhoffer
Aylin Pittner

Collection History
The Austrian Kulturförderungsgesetz (Art Promotion Act) of 1996 has been the basis for the continuous realization of artistic projects in public space for the past twenty years.
As part of the Department of Arts and Culture of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich (Art in Public Space Lower Austria) supports communities, societies, and institutions in developing, realizing, and presenting artistic projects in the open space. The office functions as a hub for artists, community representatives, architects, and other people involved in the process.

The Collection/Main Focus
Since 1996, about 600 different projects have been realized in public space, ranging from autonomous sculptures and urban furniture to temporary contextualization, communicative interventions, public square designs, concepts for memorials, and art projects with the general public. Along with the realization of these projects on location, art education plays a major role in this endeavor: A comprehensive website that also functions as an archive, a publication series, and numerous brochures are accompanied by art excursions in public space. Additionally, specific education formats are continuously being developed.

The curatorial department “Art in Public Space” regularly publishes about its holdings as well as current research and exhibition projects.

  • “Öffentliche Kunst” series (Public Art), volumes 1–11, 1990–2017.





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